Nimbox is building the future of secure collaboration

What we do

Nimbox builds products to ensure the future of the web is secure.

Our service lets your teams easily share and collaborate on corporate information, whilst you retain advanced audit controls, helping to ensure your business’s compliance with industry regulations.

We provide secure file sharing, real-time collaborative document editing, desktop and server backup, remote file server access, and encrypted cloud storage. Thousands of people and organisations across the world now rely on our zero-knowledge services, for Windows, Mac, Mobile, and server—including banks, governments, and health care providers.

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  • cup6,000coffees consumed
  • bbq30 office BBQs so far

Why we do it

Cyber crime shouldn’t prevent your business from succeeding on the internet.

We believe that you should be able to collaborate, securely. You should be able to work on documents without fearing that your sensitive commercial data could be stolen. We believe that if you choose to put something on the web, it should be safe, and only sharable when and how you want, without any fear of compromise. Nimbox is pushing back against the tide of cyber crime. We’re giving you the tools that you need to protect yourself and your business online.

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Who we are

Meet the people that you’ll be working with. Whether we’re building new features, or helping with your support questions, you’ll always find a friendly face at Nimbox.

Want to join us?

We’re passionate about building the best collaboration tools in the world. We like to speak to people that share our passion. If this sounds like you, get in touch.