Acceptable use policy

Acceptable Use Policy



Thousands of people across the world rely on our zero-knowledge services, for Windows, Mac, and Mobile—including banks, NGOs, governments, law firms and health care providers. They trust us to store and protect their data—but trust is mutual. Whilst we’re busy providing you with leading-edge privacy and security, we expect you to use our services sensibly and legally.

By subscribing to our services (as set out in the Subscriber Agreement), you agree not to misuse our services.

This list outlines some things that we think constitutes misuse—and consequently, which you should’t be using our services for:

  • to breach, attempt to breach or otherwise bypass any security or authentication measures (apart from legitimate security research);
  • to scan or test the vulnerability of any system or network, whether connected to the services or not;
  • to access or tamper with non-public areas of the Services;
  • to access, search, or create any accounts on the services by any other method than the publicly supported interfaces (read: no scraping, or bulk creation of accounts using a bot etc.)
  • to access or view data in shared areas of the services that you haven’t been specifically invited to;
  • to disrupt and users legitimate use of the services, whether they are a fee-paying subscriber, or invited guest;
  • to send or transmit any virus or malware to the services or to any other network;
  • to send or transmit any kind of spam, including any deceptive or fraudulent messages such as “spoofing” or “phishing”;
  • to store or share materials that are unlawful or otherwise indecent (such as illegal pornography, depictions of extreme acts of violence, or materials that contain any bigotry or hatred against any person or group of people);
  • to dishonestly bypass your allocated storage limit;
  • to resell the services, unless specifically authorised to do so;

and of course,

  • to violate the privacy or infringe the rights of any person in any way.

Policy Version: 1.0 | Last Updated: 15 June 2015