WannaCry ransomware/SMB attack: latest updates


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WannaCry attack updates

I’m sure you’re all aware of the ransomware attack that occurred over the weekend, affecting organisations all over the country, including the NHS, and thousands of businesses across Europe. This particular attack was enabled by an NSA-built piece of malware, that is particularly aggressive in its infection method, and looking past the usual media hype, […]

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Transparency in tickets – March 2017

  Our team has been working really hard on improving our support response and resolution times, and as you can see from the numbers above, we made great progress last month. This is what our engineers were kept busy with in March: 152 tickets 44 telephone calls, with 5 of these resulting in tickets 2 client […]

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Vault 2.5.4 — Release Notes

Agent, Web App, and Outlook Plugin version: 2.5.4 It’s release day, hurrah! Improvements and bug fixes We’ve improved auto-locking, which now properly handles uncommon file names, if that’s your thing The Outlook client’s prompts have received a lick of paint Desktop syncing performance is much better, handling compression in environments that have bandwidth throttling configured, […]

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Vault 2.5.3 — Release Notes

Agent, Web App, and Outlook Plugin version: 2.5.3 Stand by your beds; it’s release time! New features and improvements Our snapshot feature is now live for backups You can now use Brazilian Portuguese and French on the web and mobile apps Personally identifiable information (username and email address) will now be completely removed from our […]

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Vault — Release Notes

Agent, Web App, and Outlook Plugin version: Wahoo! It’s release time! New features and improvements French and Brazilian Portuguese translations are now live in the web app. Selective Sync is now much faster when syncing large root folders. Changed file renames are now reverted when restoring snapshots. Guest accounts can now access the download […]

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Transparency in tickets – August 2016

Our support desk figures in August aren’t the best, and there are a few reasons for that. We’ve been rapidly on-boarding enterprise customers, and because of this we’re discovering kinks in our systems that need fixing. Because of this, we’ve spent a lot of time with ‘open’ and ‘pending’ tickets. We’re happily working on a […]

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Vault 2.5.2 — Release Notes

Agent, Web App, and Outlook Plugin version: 2.5.2 It’s release time! This version brings you some new features, security enhancements, and bug fixes. New features and improvements We’ve effectively killed ransomware in your organisation—A new Snapshot feature allows company administrators to copy and restore a Team Share or My Files location, from a specified point […]

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We’re making our roadmap public!

Hey there, Nimboxers! As you know, we’re pretty keen on transparency here at Nimbox. We’re always looking for new ways to push ‘corporate’ boundaries. We dislike closed doors. We want our customers to see our successes, and our failures—because that is the only way for you to trust us, fully. Today, we’re launching our open […]

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Introducing our new status page

We like to think that we’re pretty transparent at Nimbox. We believe that it’s important for our customers have accurate, easily-accessible data in order to make informed decisions. Transparency is especially important in an industry that largely hides behind vague service level agreements, and increasingly pathetic recoverable damages clauses. Over the past few months, we have been […]

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