Azure downtime

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When users flocked to Office 365, they did so to save money, make their lives easier, and to have their data with them when they needed it the most. I don’t think users would have been so keen if Microsoft told them that at random, they would loose access to their business data, during a working day. Even less so if users couldn’t do a thing to fix it.

For 3 hours today, businesses across Europe were left without their emails, files, and business-critical services after a protracted period of downtime on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform.

A number of sporadic status updates from Microsoft described the root cause as being a ‘configuration issue,’ followed by a ‘failover issue.’

Migrating from self-hosted apps and services, to those provided by a cloud company, can be a painful process for many organisations; so, it is particularly difficult to watch our customers and friends suffer when a provider lets them down.

We’re adamant that availability should be as important as security in all things ‘cloud,’ which is why our platform has maintained its uptime at 100% since day 1.

If you’ve been affected by today’s outage, and want to have an open conversation about how your company can work through future downtime using our innovative cloud apps, drop us a line.

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