Battle: Security VS Convenience

Technology in cyber security has come a long way but has our attitude towards it followed the same path?

Over four in ten businesses (43%) and two in ten charities (19%) experienced a cyber security breach or attack in the last 12 months.


When shown security on one hand and convenience on the other, what do we choose and more importantly, why do we accept one over the other?

The future of cyber security is about creating a secure environment that helps your business to succeed with online document collaboration without risking your credibility in the process.

The responsibility is on your business to train and better equip your staff with the right tools. It’s vital that there are no weak links, but in a saturated cloud market, the answers are somewhat clouded (pardon the pun).

Three-quarters of businesses (74%) and over half of all charities (53%) say that cyber security is a high priority for their organisation’s senior management.


Let’s look at some eye-opening examples:

  • Logging into your business email account with 2-factor authentication over just using a single password
  • Using encryption on your laptops over trusting on the standard Windows login
  • Using a secure browser to increase your privacy protection over just using google to search the web for you
  • Using Zero-Knowledge encryption to secure your data in the cloud over sharing your encryption key with your cloud provider by default.
  • Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) over just browsing the internet through unsecured public WiFi networks


Under three in ten businesses (27%, versus 33% in the previous 2017 survey), and two in ten charities (21%) have a formal cyber security policy or policies.


Some of you reading these examples may already be advocates of security, but unfortunately, you are in the minority and here is why.


  • Cyber Security is still pretty new, and we’re playing catch up
  • There is a considerable gap in our understanding of how to keep secure online
  • Businesses are not taking responsibility for how their employees secure their data
  • New regulations coming into force which are misconstrued by the media and then painted differently, causing assumptions that are not the truth

So how does this apply to us here at Nimbox?

Being able to collaborate with your team while keeping the data secure should be simple. At Nimbox, we’ve built a solution that’s purpose-built for the security of your data.

Only you should have control of who has access to your data, which is why Nimbox has Zero-Knowledge protection. Unlike our competitors, there are no backdoors in the event of a data breach.

Why does Zero-Knowledge matter?

It’s important that regardless of what happens to your cloud storage supplier, your data is secure.

If your cloud provider becomes compromised, then it could expose the integrity of your data to the public domain, throwing your reputation out of the window.

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