Case Study: White Horse CAD

The situation.

Based in Wiltshire, White Horse CAD prides themselves on offering design and print services in-house to a wide range of clients. From consumer products to complex medical goods, White Horse CAD work with their clients from start to finish to supply high-quality designs.

Tim Bird, Managing Director of White Horse Cad began looking for a secure file service to provide an additional layer of protection to the company’s file transfer process.

He told us ‘we often need to share large files with clients and we needed a platform that would allow us to do this securely and for GDPR reasons it was important to find one within the UK’

Nimbox believes that privacy is a right, not a bene­fit, deploying zero-knowledge encryption throughout the software. Nimbox is also proud to provide organisations with a 360-degree view of stored data with advanced auditing and tracking, in addition to a secure fi­le sharing feature, with guest account access that ensures that only the intended recipient gains access to the information.

The response

‘In addition to Nimbox, we looked at a variety of other options available in the market. We even looked at getting a web developer to build us our own file-transfer solution so that we could host it ourselves. However, after taking advantage of its free trial, Nimbox proved more than ideal for our needs and was the most cost-effective solution.

For us Nimbox ticks all our boxes and more in terms of our requirements. One element that has been especially useful is its comprehensive tracking features. Nimbox provides the ability to see exactly who has viewed and downloaded shared files, with the capability to track this back to a specific user.’

The result

We find the Nimbox user interface incredibly easy to use, and our clients have even told us how easy it is to access the shared files. The fact that our customers know it is secure gives our company a positive reflection’

Tim continued ‘working with Nimbox has been simple from start to finish and the team have always been easy to work with. Any support tickets which have been logged have always been dealt with efficiently.

If you need a platform to securely share your files, I would definitely recommend giving Nimbox a go’

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