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Last week, after an intense debate in the Nimbox office, we deleted our Facebook page. Here’s why.

Nimbox provides secure file collaboration and backup tools to thousands of people across the globe. We’ve written articles for the likes of SC Magazine, LGE, and Legal ITwe have been recognised as the go-to service for administrators and C-level executives who are looking to protect their data.

And yet, we still only had 69 ‘likes’ on Facebook. Frankly, it was embarrassing.

When potential customers happened to come across our page for the first time, and noticed our measly 69 ‘likes,’ they would question why an internet company had so few followers (and yes, that was actual feedback).

“screw it, let’s get rid”

It was also a drain on our time. We spent upwards of an hour every week updating the page, but it never really drove results on the balance sheet. Our customers just weren’t on Facebook.

We’re a fast-moving company that values each and every hour that we get to build our service, and we wasted valuable time administering our page, when we could have focused our efforts elsewhere. That was a difficult thing to admit.

Why did we even have a Facebook page?

We only had a page because everybody else did. It was expected, just as a company is ‘supposed’ to have business cards. We followed the crowd. And that isn’t a reason to do anything.

Still, it did feel weird as we uttered the words “screw it, let’s get rid.” I don’t think that we’ll regret it, though.

Alas, we’re not totally anti-social, right now we’re enjoying chatting to people, answering Tweets, taking part in LinkedIn discussions, and of course visiting our wonderful customers.



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