Managing data security in remote working environments

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to many organisations adopting a mixture of a hybrid or fully remote working team structure. Now, with much of the world working from home, it means that having the correct data backup solution in place has never been more essential.

Over the last few years IT administrators have had to look for more creative ways to ensure data is protected in remote offices and available centrally for organisations so that they can continue to remain productive in a flexible environment.

Hybrid WorkingData storage challenges through remote working

One of the biggest challenges that IT departments face when exploring alternative work from home structures is the way that data is stored. When employees work in a central office their information is typically stored on a communal storage system or file server.

Depending on the company infrastructure, this may leave employees unable to access information remotely, leaving the need for them to store or recreate information on their local devices. These devices would not typically be included in an organisation’s backup architecture.

In addition to this, the growing dependence on digital technologies for remote working and online transactions has also increased exposure to risks, with the threat of Ransomware and data breaches higher than ever before. IT departments must factor this into their data protection strategies and ensure that they can recover effectively from a data breach.

It’s vital that the organisation devises a way of protecting all business data and one of the simplest ways of achieving this is to deploy a backup agent.

Nimbox secure file sharing for finance

Data sharing challenges through remote working

Another issue that organisations face in this new working structure is data availability and ensuring that employees have access to the latest information. Many IT departments have resolved this issue by deploying a file sync and share software application, which synchronises data across devices in real-time.

Although IT managers must first install the software on end-user devices, a file sync and share software solution can help organisations to overcome many of the challenges associated with home working and data availability.

How Nimbox can help

Nimbox offers a complete file, sync and share solution with backup included as standard and IT managers can easily enable their teams to share and collaborate on corporate information whilst retaining advanced audit controls. Employees can even collaborate on documents as a team, in real-time using the Nimbox online editing tool and files can be securely shared outside of the organisation.

For a fast implementation, Nimbox can be used to create a hybrid cloud solution using the organisation’s current file servers, replacing the need for mapped drives and VPNs to access files centrally.

If you’d like to find out more about the secure file sharing and data backup features offered by Nimbox feel free to contact the team.

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