Nimbox donates combat medical kits to anti-poaching rangers

We believe in doing the right thing, and whilst that usually means making ethical business decisions, and providing secure communication channels for the people who need them the most—such as investigative journalists—we recently had the opportunity to do a different kind of right thing.

Working with Veterans for Wildlife, we donated fifteen combat first aid kits (iFAK) to the anti-poaching rangers at Ntomeni Ranger Services (NRS).

NRS is the brainchild of a former South African Defence Force special forces officer, and is a well-established organisation within the field of conservation and anti-poaching. NRS currently operate two high-profile and highly successful anti-poaching projects in the North Eastern districts of South Africa.

Veterans for Wildlife has entered into a partnership with NRS in order to provide life-saving first aid and emergency medical training to the rangers deployed on the ground, who face constant armed violence from poachers that seek to kill the beautiful animals that live in the Bush.

This particular project, Project #BushMedic, will see Paul (a former British Royal Marine and now-registered paramedic) spending a week with the rangers. During this week he will teach the rangers emergency medicine and first aid, largely revolving around the kit that Nimbox has donated. Veterans for Wildlife will then provide each of the fifteen rangers with their iFAK.

We are incredibly proud to support both Veterans for Wildlife, and the NRS. We wish them good fortune in stemming the tide of illegal poaching that deprives the planet of these majestic animals, and the humans that seek to protect them.

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