Vault 2.6 is nearly here! Say hello to online document editing, and a new desktop client

Update: it’s here! Check out the release notes.

We’re excited! It’s nearly time to launch Vault 2.6 into the world! This latest update brings you a bunch of new features, as well as a ton of enhancements.

In this blog post I’ll cover the two we’re most excited about: online team collaboration, and a new desktop client. Yay!

Online team document editing

It has always been our goal to provide your teams with the best, most secure, collaboration tools on the market. Until now, this has consisted of slick file sharing and tracking tools. Now, you can actually work on those files, in real time, with your team.

You don’t need to install anything. You don’t need to download files to a device. You just need a web browser and some internet.

Documents can be edited simultaneously by multiple people, who can see each and every edit in real time. And, the tool is familiar in layout and functionality to popular desktop applications, so you won’t need to spend time re-training users.

It includes all the functionality that you’d expect from an enterprise grade tool, including tracking and requesting approval for changes, and the ability to save comments to the document.

Plus, we’ve also included a chat tool, so that users can talk through their work in a ‘SMS-style’ window.

The best bit? For now, it’s free of charge. We’re launching it into public beta, so you’ll need to request access, and provide us with some feedback. Eventually, we’ll be including it in our new Premium plan (more news on that will follow).

New desktop clients

It’s been a while since we gave our desktop apps a refresh, so we’re launching a new beta version, for Windows and Mac. This new version not only looks much better, it’s also faster, more stable, includes a new action centre, and a file lock warning when you open a file that is being used by another user.

We’re keen to learn how you get on with these new apps, so please, send in your feedback 🙂

The new desktop apps will be an optional install, and will be available to download from Friday 8 September 2017. Enjoy!

Co-founder, Nimbox

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