Say hello to Web Preview

Today, we’re launching our brand new Web Preview feature!

Using the Web Preview tool, you can open, view, and search documents right from within your browser, which means you no longer need to download documents onto your desktop to look at them.

Initially, we’ll be putting this feature into a public beta, but we’re confident that you’ll love the functionality that it brings. Plus, there are lots of additions in the pipeline.. Future versions of the Web Preview tool will include watermarking, redactions, annotations, and e-sign.

Web preview works for both regular and guest accounts, and can be disabled if your organisation doesn’t want to deploy it (but it’s enabled by default).

For a detailed walk-through of Web Preview, and lists of files that it can open, read this Knowledge Base article.

What you need to know

To show you a file using web preview, our rendering engine needs to access the document, build it, and then load it in your browser. To do this, we must store a cache (a small data file) of the document in our server’s memory, for the time it takes us to build this preview. Your document still remains secure throughout this process.

If you’re concerned about this process, you may disable the web preview feature.

Tell us how you’re getting on

We’re really keen to see how you’re using this feature, how it performs for you, and what we can do to make it better. Drop an email to support and let us know.

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