Saying goodbye to iOS 7

Since the first days of Nimbox, we have been bringing mobility and remote working tools to organisations across the globe, on both desktop and mobile platforms. We have always striven to support the widest range of devices; but, sometimes we need to close-out support for older platforms (such as our Windows XP depreciation earlier this year).

The time has come for us to stop supporting older versions of iOS. On 1 October 2015, we will stop offering support and updates for users that have our App installed on iOS 7 or below. By only supporting the new versions of iOS that Apple has been working so hard on, we can continue to bring the best and most up-to-date features to all of our users.

Obviously, we recommend that you update to the newest software version that your device supports. If however you continue to run our App on iOS 7 or below after 1 October, you will still be able to use the App as it exists today—but there will be no updates, security fixes, or help from our support team should something go wrong.

For advice about upgrading to a newer version of iOS, please visit the Apple support site.

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