Vault 2.1 – Release Notes

WebApp Version:
Desktop Client Version:
Outlook Plug-in Version:

New Features

  • Customise Your Email Templates
    Organisation administrator can now customise the emails distributed to new standard accounts and new guest accounts, including the utilisation of shortcodes.

  • Configure Backups from the Desktop Client
    Users are now able to create their own backups, by right-clicking any folder on their desktop.

  • Pause Sync on Agents
    Ability to pause/resume sync on the desktop client.
  • Outlook Plugin Improvements:
    – Ability to attach local files,
    – Intelligent tool that will automatically convert files that are dragged and dropped into an email composition,

    – Attachment Policy tab to configure additional settings.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes


  • Improved pattern matching for Office and AutoCAD files.
  • Fixed issue when file was moved or modified while in the process of upload. Agent will now abort the transfer and start uploading again in a few seconds.
  • Fixed delay when Excel files were modified.


  • Auto-locking is supported for doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .odt, .ods if the documents are opened with Libre/Open office.
  • Fixed issue where agent would incorrectly report that file sync was in process.
  • Agent will now periodically check for changes in machine name and report information to the web portal and server.
  • Improved detection for when agent would go into error states to help eliminate false positives.
  • Fixed high CPU issue for agent GUI.
  • Added ability to copy excluded files to clipboard from agent preferences.


  • Fixed issue where deep directory structure would cause the agent to crash.
  • Improved how OSX agent would handle multiple registered users on one machine.


  • Fixed issue where web would report a 403 – Forbidden message when attempting to deactivate from admin dashboard.
  • Users can now control their own machine subscriptions when invited to a Team Share.
  • Fixed issue where view count would incorrectly increase.


  • Added ability to remove Team Share or Backup root through API
  • POST /1/management/root/delete/
  • Id: The root ID for the Team Share or Backup
  • remove_files: True or False to remove folder from machine (will only remove folder if removing a Team Share)
  • Fixed issue where /person/update would require the mobile_phone value.

Organisation Policies

  • Now allow the policy ‘let organisation admins browse remote files?’ to be disabled, while ‘Backup Creation?’ policy is enabled. This will allow end users to use the backup feature but prevent organisation admins for using it.

Dashboard and Web App

  • Added support for email servers that authenticate without a username and password.
  • Tighter security including prevention of brute force attacks.
  • View excluded files from the dashboard Machine page.
  • Added ‘Get Logs’ button on Machines page that will collect logs and system information from an agent.
  • Under a root’s Activity log, ‘Show Activity by’ drop down is now sorted by last name.
  • We provide a SMS delivery service instead of email-to-SMS gateway. Selecting a mobile carrier is no longer needed when setting up a mobile device for alerts.
  • Fixed issue where Dashboard ‘Recent Activity’ would display wrong time.
  • Fixed issue when searching files, Folders would display a modified time.
  • Fixed issue where Autotask and Connectwise alerts were not created.
  • Updated library for dashboard gadget.


  • Admins can create a report to list Team Share members and member subscriptions. Report is available when selecting the ‘Now’ time range.
  • Fixed issue with folders beginning with a tilde (~).

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