Vault 2.2.4 — Release Notes

Desktop Client, Web App and Outlook Plug-in version: 2.2.4

We’ve been working night and day to bring you some awesome new features, as well as improving the overall security and resilience of the platform.

As part of this release, we’ve had to sunset older versions of our Apps because they used now-depreciated code. Desktop Client’s older than version are no longer supported. If you haven’t allowed your client to use the auto-update feature, please manually update it now.

If you encounter any problems after this update, please clear your browser cache or log out and log back in.

New Features:

  • Customisable Email Templates for Team Shares
    In addition to welcome emails, guest welcome emails, and share emails, administrators can now customise Team Share emails.
  • Team Share policy to disable subscription notice via email
    Administrators now have the option to turn off subscription notice emails for new and existing Team Shares.
  • Secure Share for Outlook Plug-in
    Administrators now have the option of turning on the ‘Force New Share Links to Require Login’ policy, which ensures that all share links — including those sent through the Outlook Plug-in — are sent as secure shares. If this policy is not enabled, end users now have the option of configuring their Outlook Plug-in settings so that all items are sent as secure shares.
  • Consolidation of Outlook Plug-in UI buttons
    The Outlook Plug-in ribbon buttons have been consolidated for improved user experience and content management.


  • Faster web dashboard
  • Faster activity log
  • Faster database operations

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed API import issue when Active Directory didn’t have email addresses
  • Fixed issue where certain organisation policies were disabled when signing up through a Service Plan
  • AVG added our digital signature to their Trusted Database
  • Outlook Plug-in bug fixes
  • Fixed machine tab sorting
  • Excluded files list now properly appears
  • Daily Digest now consistently delivers
  • Corrected hover-over tooltip for Create Guest
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause updates to files greater than 4GB to fail
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent auto-purge from purging files deleted via parent folder

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