Vault 2.2 – Release Notes

WebApp Version: 2.2
Desktop Client Version: 2.2

Outlook Plug-in Version: 2.2

As always, please clear your browser cache or log out and log back in if you encounter any problems.

New Features

  • Network Shares
    Support for network shares via File Server Enablement (mapped drives, UNC Paths, NAS/SAN, etc.).
  • Faster Transfers
    Optimised transfer buffer sizes which dramatically increases transfer speeds.
  • Customisable Email Templates
    File share emails can now be customised with short codes.
  • Rename Team Shares
    Team Shares can now be renamed.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

General Enhancements and Fixes:

  • Disabled SSLv3 for agents and apps
  • Added popup message when deleting an organisation
  • Update to API documentation
  • Project recompiled in Visual Studio 2013 (QT 5 framework)
  • All third party libraries have been updated with performance and stability improvements
  • Build tools have also been updated, adding performance and stability improvements
  • Other General fixes and improvements

Specific Enhancements and Fixes:


  • Auto-locking is supported for .odt and .ods files when opened with Microsoft Office
  • Agent will now compress rotated logs


  • Fixed high CPU usage on OS X machines
  • Added support for Finder sync extensions in Yosemite

Outlook Plugin:

  • Fixed issue where having more than a thousand deleted files would cause Outlook to hang


  • Admins can now search Team Share names on the admin dashboard
  • Fixed issue where file share options would not load
  • Added organisation policy to force the use of Secure Shares, which only applies to shares created through the web portal and agent

Dashboard and Web App:

  • Fixed issue where IE 10 & 11 would ask for credentials when selecting “Open” for MS Office files
  • Fixed issue where user quota alerts were triggered incorrectly
  • Changed error message when Active Directory account attempts to reset their password
  • Fixed issue when downloading files that contained hash (#) symbol within name
  • Fixed issue with timed file lock on the web portal
  • Fixed issue when using the “Download as Zip” feature on folders larger than 2 GB
  • Fixed issue where using the “Get Logs” button would result in a 404 error
  • Added organisation policy to deactivate API session tokens after a certain amount of time; this is a per-org policy, which does not inherit to child organisations

John Murray
Technical Director

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