Vault 2.3.1 — Release Notes

Desktop Client, Web App and Outlook Plug-in version: 2.3.1

Remember, if you encounter any problems after this update, please clear your browser cache or log out and log back in.

Bug Fixes:

  • One Time Use API Tokens
    API tokens now expire immediately after initial use for certain sessions initiated from the agent, including:

      • Launching the web portal
      • Viewing an item in the web portal
      • Backing up a folder
      • Sharing a link
      • Viewing revisions

    In these instances, API tokens will expire immediately after they are used, allowing agents to securely connect to the web portal without requiring a username and password.

    API tokens for other sessions, including mobile and Outlook connections, will expire according to your API policy settings. For more information on configuring API policy settings, please view the How to Create and Manage Organisations and Policies Knowledge Base article.

  • Compressed Log Support with the Get Logs Button
    Compressed logs are now collected when clicking the Get Logs button in the Machines tab.
  • Improved ConnectWise Connection Support
    ConnectWise connection errors no longer occur when attempting to connect to older versions of ConnectWise.
  • Leading and Trailing Spaces Stripped from Team Share and Group Names
    Leading and trailing spaces are now automatically stripped when creating or renaming Team Shares and Groups.
  • Pending Subscriptions Removed from Deleted Team Shares
    Future machine subscriptions are now correctly removed when a Team Share is deleted; end users will no longer experience 500 errors.
  • Additional Checks Prior to Purging Deleted Files and Folders
    Additional checks have been added to ensure deleted files and folders are purged according to organisational retention policy settings.
  • Improved Sorting of Team Shares in the My Files Tab
    When an end user sorts content in the My Files tab of the web portal, Team Shares will now be sorted together alphabetically, and standard files and folders will be sorted together alphabetically.

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