Vault 2.3.2 — Release Notes

Desktop Client, Web App and Outlook Plug-in version: 2.3.2

Web App and General – New Features & Improvements:

  • Mac Desktop Client is now even easier to use
    Mac clients now have a Nimbox Vault icon in each finder window, where you can choose to backup the folder that you’re browsing, without leaving your desktop.
  • API session token default expiration
    The default setting of the API session token expiration time is now 30 days, changed from unlimited. The API token setting can be found under Organisation > Policies > API Token Settings.
  • HTML & custom branding support for Daily Digest Email
    The daily digest email can now be delivered in HTML format, inheriting your custom brand logo, with a copy of the raw text attached to the email.
  • Custom email template for multiple shares
    The template for messages to a single recipient containing multiple share links can now be customised. The Email Template Settings can be found under System Settings > Email > Templates > Email Template Settings > Multiple Shares Email.
  • Custom Welcome Emails no longer require {password}
    There is no longer a requirement to include the {password} shortcode in all custom emails. Now you can customise the email with or without the {password} shortcode.
  • Guest Account deletion
    Guests can now delete their own Guest Accounts.
  • Time-sensitive passwords for Guest Accounts
    When creating a Guest Account, users now have the option of specifying a time period for automatic password expiration: 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, or Never.
  • Opt-out of Guest Account creation welcome email
    When creating a Guest Account, users can now opt out of sending the Guest Account creation welcome email.

Outlook Plug-In – New Features & Improvements:

  • Return of the “Convert to Nimbox Vault file” button
    In a previous release, version 2.2.4, the “Convert to Nimbox Vault file” button was removed to simplify and consolidate the ribbon. In this release, the “Convert to Nimbox Vault file” button has been restored to add point-in-time functionality for one-off use cases. Attachments will still be converted, based on attachment policy, when forwarded.
  • Two-step authentication support
    Users with two-step authentication enabled will now be prompted for two-step verification when using the Outlook Plug-In.
  • Fixed delay caused by Outlook Plug-In scanning Deleted Items folder
  • Resolved duplicate attachment issue

iOS and Android – New Features & Improvements:

  • Picture and video backups
    Mobile users can now back up their Camera Roll/Gallery to a Vault Team Share.
  • Migration to API v2
    Mobile app functionality will be migrated to API v2 over the course of the next few updates.

Note: The mobile updates will be submitted during this release cycle, and will be rolled out for general availability pending App Store approval.

Bug Fixes:

  • Agents now install custom branding when proxy server is set
    When an agent is installed within an environment that includes an HTTP proxy server, the agent will now reflect its organisation’s branding settings.
  • Removing Windows Profile no longer deletes data
    For newer versions of Windows (Windows 7 and above), removing a Windows profile without unlinking the registered agent will no longer unexpectedly delete data from Vault.
  • Resolved unique Team Share edge cases related to renames

If you encounter any problems after this update, please clear your browser cache or log out and log back in.

John Murray
Technical Director

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