Vault 2.3.4 — Release Notes

Agent and Web App version: 2.3.4
Outlook Plugin version: 2.3.2

New Features & Improvements

  • Support for Windows 10
    The Vault Agent is now fully supported on Windows 10.
  • Various improvements to the File Sync Conflict interface
    Improvements have been made to the Agent interface to help users better understand file sync conflicts related to collisions and locked file revisions, and how to remediate.
  • Improved filtering in the Activity tab
    In the Activity tab of the web portal, filtering has been improved so that you can now conduct a search to view activity performed by a specific account including Guests.
  • Share Link dialog box now parses RFC-style addresses
    The Share Access web dialog box has been enhanced to properly validate and parse RFC-style email addresses that specify both a name and email address.
  • Data Quota specified in the agent’s Properties dialog box
    Total storage quota is now specified in the General tab of the agent Properties dialog box.
  • Leading and trailing spaces now removed when searching accounts
    When searching for accounts in the Accounts tab of the administrative web portal, leading and trailing spaces are now automatically removed to improve search results.
  • Improved agent sync service stop/start speed
    Vastly improved response time when stopping and/or starting the Agent Sync Service on Windows XP (for users that have purchased legacy support) or Windows Server 2003 environments.
  • Support for custom local ports
    Added the ability to specify custom local ports via the agent configuration file.
  • Stronger server side and client side validation controls
    Product integrity improved with hardening of the server side and client side validation controls.
  • More consistent user experience for the Pause Sync feature
    The agent’s Pause Sync feature has been improved so that it consistently reflects its status when pausing and unpausing in low bandwidth environments.

Bug Fixes

  • Mac OSX agent version 2.3.3 sync/update issue
    Previously described here, this is no longer an issue with Vault version 2.3.4+ for Mac.
  • Correct branding now displays in the agent’s Properties dialog box
    The Properties dialog box has been updated to remove Nimbox-specific branding for users that have purchased a custom branding pack.
  • All activity alerts now send as expected
    Previously, the Add a Team Share Subscription activity alert, as well as the Removed a Team Share Subscription activity alert, did not always send as expected. This has been fixed.
  • New organisations are created as expected
    Previously, in a few instances, Reseller administrators could not create a sub-organisation. This has been fixed.
  • Incorrect agent status
    Previously, in a few instances, agents were displaying syncing status whilst not actively syncing content, requiring a service restart. This has been fixed.
  • Collision resolution dialog popping up after it was disabled
    In a single instance, there was an issue where the collision resolution dialog would prompt the user for action, even when disabled.

As always, if you encounter any problems after this update, please clear your browser cache or log out and log back in.

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