Vault 2.3 — Release Notes

Desktop Client, Web App and Outlook Plug-in version: 2.3.0

We’ve been working night and day to bring you some awesome new features, as well as improving the overall security and resilience of the platform.

If you encounter any problems after this update, please clear your browser cache or log out and log back in.

New Features:

  • User Groups
    User groups in Vault now give you a pain-free way to manage your Users, their Team Shares, and their settings.
    We’ve also consolidated the menu tiles – Accounts, Guests, and Groups all appear under the “Accounts” tile on hover-over.
  • API v2
    After many requests, we’ve added support for OAuth2.
  • We’ve improved account security by adding time-sensitive passwords for welcome emails
    You can now chose whether a new password expires either: Never, in 6 hours, in 12 hours, or in 24 hours.


  • Refactored and simplified the subscription management tree for Team Shares and Groups
  • Added search functionality to various places in the Web App; now you can search the Activity Log, Accounts, Backups, Guests, Team Shares, and Groups
  • Improved visibility of the 16×16 lock overlay on both Windows and Mac desktops
  • Removed the Team Share subscription type buttons (All, None, Future, Web)
  • Improved PDF report formatting with more cell padding
  • Updated our API documentation

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved a shell extension runtime error resulting in a crash/hang
  • Fixed a UI issue where an Account would be listed twice under a Share
  • Fixed a collision edge case where the original file will be removed after user selects “Rename Local Version”
  • Resolved a Privacy Mode issue where you receive a 403 error when moving account(s) to child organisation(s) via API v1
  • We will now update mobile OS version and last_login on the machine table on subsequent logins, too
  • Fixed an issue where, with very numerous reporting parameters specified, a report might show “Not Available”
  • Addressed an issue where one could specify 0 space quota via API v1
  • Resolved a case-sensitivity issue with file renames on the Web
  • Fixed the OSX Agent issue where collisions would be created for all files, when merging the Vault folder
  • Auto-locking policy will now push to agent after global settings changed
  • Newly created reports, accessed via Web App, will no longer throw a 500 error
  • Reports on “Machine Health” and a second option, accessed via web, will no longer throw a 500 error

John Murray
Technical Director

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