Vault 2.4.2 Hotfix — Release Notes

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This update is just bug fixes. The last one, though, was a hell of a thing. Let’s remember it.

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • The Web Preview tool only displays for a share link if the Web Preview policy is enabled in the share creator’s organisation
  • The Web Preview tool now automatically loads when accessing a share link
  • A share creator’s email address is now the ‘reply-to’ address for share invitations
  • The Share Access dialog box now automatically exposes a scroll bar for managing recipients after two entries
  • Redirect edge cases no longer occur for end users and guests of an organisation when the Two-Step Authentication policy enabled
  • The Web Preview policy tooltip now displays in the Create an Organisation page
  • The Items Shared With Me page now consistently displays 10 share links per page
  • File names now display properly when using drag-and-drop in the file browser

We know that bugs are frustrating, so if you come across any, drop us an email.

John Murray
Chief Techie



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