Vault 2.4 — Release Notes

Agent, Web App, and Outlook Plugin version: 2.4.0

New Features & Improvements

  • LAN Sync
    End users who work within a Local Area Network now have the option to sync files between machines on the same network.
  • Full Support for OS X El Capitan.
  • ConnectWise Billing Integration
    Nimbox’s integration with ConnectWise now allows administrators to systematise their billing process related to accounts, total storage, or whether File Server Enablement is being utilised.
  • Drag and drop functionality for moving files and folders within the web portal.
  • Multi-select in web portal file browser
    Users can now take mass action on content, such as selecting multiple files to delete.
  • ‘Items shared with me’ list improvements
    In the Shares tab of the web portal, ‘Shared with you’ list items are now hidden when the end user no longer has access. Additionally, these shared items are now sorted from newest to oldest.
  • Users can now upload entire folder structures using Google Chrome.
  • Enhanced Persons Report
    The Persons report that can be generated from the administrative web portal is now enhanced to include organisation name, backup subscriptions, and information related to guest accounts.
  • More detailed machine health and backup reports, and usage information is now included in reports.
  • Reports can now be downloaded or emailed in Excel or CSV file formats, in addition to the current PDF format.
  • Additional log activity on backups
    In the Activity Log page, administrators can now view information on which accounts deactivated a backup, and whether or not the backup is web-only.
  • Administrators can now search and track share link activity.
  • Improved formatting in the ‘bandwidth over time’ widget.
  • New activity alert to report when an email server is changed for an organisation.
  • Expose custom email server errors in the web portal.
  • Cleaned-up debug messages in logs.
  • New loading indicator when sending share links from the web portal.
  • New tooltip description added to Password Expires field.
  • System administrators can now create organisations regardless of organisation policy settings.
  • File locking for users now included in the Create Org Command API.
  • WebDAV subscriptions are now enabled by default for externally invited Team Share subscribers.
  • Groups are now included in CSV imports.
  • Updates to 3rd party libraries and tools.

Bug Fixes

  • Send Message button now displays correctly when the ‘Let Organisation Admins Create Users’ policy is disabled.
  • Client installer now removes existing installation files before installation.
  • Leading and trailing periods are no longer allowed when naming Team Shares.
  • OS X Agent Properties dialog box now opens after hiding desktop icon.
  • File Server Enablement mappings now display correctly in all cases.
  • ‘Date created’ timestamp displays correctly when modifying a file in the agent.
  • Credentials preserved when configuring FSE on a network path.
  • Mobile device no longer remains registered after unlinking from the web portal.
  • ‘Machine name’ dropdown now shows the correct file size.
  • Common and branded icons now split into separate bundles
    Now icons such as the agent’s sync conflict warning will always be displayed.
  • Revisions sync up without delay now for .doc files.
  • Agent now correctly displays user quota when user is above quota.
  • Hostname field is now marked as required.
  • Download as Zip now performs as expected in supported versions of IE.
  • Change password field no longer accepts integers less than or equal to 0.
  • Complete code refactoring for the Outlook Plugin.
  • Numerous Outlook Plugin crash fixes that occurred intermittently, and occasionally when closing Outlook.
  • Outlook Plugin forwarded attachments correctly convert to share links dependent upon policy configuration.
  • Outlook Plugin no longer generates two attachments when automatically converting a local attachment.

As always, if you encounter any problems after this update, please clear your browser cache or log out and log back in.

John Murray
Technical Director

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