Vault 2.5.3 — Release Notes

Agent, Web App, and Outlook Plugin version: 2.5.3

Stand by your beds; it’s release time!

New features and improvements

  • Our snapshot feature is now live for backups
  • You can now use Brazilian Portuguese and French on the web and mobile apps
  • Personally identifiable information (username and email address) will now be completely removed from our databases when accounts/organisations are removed
  • TLS certificates are now verified by both the desktop client and the web app, with trusted third parties
  • Changing a user’s password will now end all web sessions
  • File upload alerts on shared folders, sent by email, now include file names and links for easy access
  • These file upload alerts can also now be configured on shares generated using the Outlook add-in
  • Searching the web app’s activity log is now much easier
  • You can now enable downloads, for guests previewing files using web preview
  • Auto-locking has been improved to handle most files with similar names
  • Syncing performance has been boosted, especially for syncs to a machine

Bug fixes

  • File data is now purged according to your organisation’s policy settings
  • The dashboard now displays the correct user count and storage quota
  • The ‘daily digest’ emails will not be sent to deleted accounts
  • The Outlook add-in’s stability has been improved
  • Attachments are now automatically converted to share links, according to the chosen sharing policies
  • Security tokens are now properly verified on all forms
  • Duplication of web app content will no longer happen when, in rare edge cases, files and folders were moved into the desktop client just prior to the machine entering sleep mode
  • When moving files within a shared folder, the folder tree now displays correctly
  • The ‘breadcrumb’ links within the web app now lead to the correct place
  • The API no longer gives a ‘500 error’ when obtaining a list of roots
  • When viewing team share reports, the web app now correctly displays the subscriber list
  • The ‘agreement push’ feature for the ConnectWise integration now sets the effective data to the next push day, or the current day if it is already that day

As always, if you encounter any problems after this update, please clear your browser cache or log out and log back in. If you experience issues with a desktop client, close the program, and then re-start it.

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