Vault 2.5 — Release Notes

Agent, Web App, and Outlook Plugin version: 2.5

This is a huge release for all of us, that brings a ton of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to you. Let us know how you get on!

Major new features and improvements

  • Selective Sync is here! You can now choose exactly which content you want to download to your computer.
  • Email templates can now be customised using HTML (and previewed instantly), so that your brand is consistent.
  • A new hydration method enables multiple sync queues with automatic prioritisation, and simultaneous transfers. In short, your files will upload faster—yay!

Other new features and improvements

  • You’ll now experience super fast data transfers when receiving data from other computers on your network (via LAN Sync).
  • New organisation setting to customise ‘send-from’ email addresses for system-initiated emails.
  • Sync process will now transfer the full file if the total size of the deltas in the sync queue exceeds half the size of the full file.
  • You will now be alerted of sync conflicts through a system tray icon overlay.
  • The desktop client now displays permission errors for mapped folders.
  • The ‘Rollback’ dialog now features a tooltip to educate users on how different time zones can affect the Rollback feature.
  • OS X clients now preserve config.ini customisations through new release updates (meaning that you’ll keep changes such as custom log_settings_file destinations).
  • We’ve pushed some additional Event IDs to Windows Event Viewer and OS X Console, including:
    • Service start: 0x200 (512)
    • Collision created: 0x300 (768)
    • Collision resolved: 0x301 (769)
    • Collision failed: 0x302 (770)
    • Collision message: 0x303 (771)
  • We’ve launched numerous improvements to APIv2, including:
    • Root creation and management
    • Root subscription creation and management
    • FSE management
    • Guest account information retrieval

Bug fixes

  • The Windows desktop client taskbar icon is now properly branded for customers that have subscribed to custom branding.
  • The Web Activity Log now properly displays the username of an administrator who deletes content from a Team Share that they are not subscribed to.
  • Modifying excluded file extensions no longer enables the Secure Share policy organisation-wide.
  • Selecting multiple files and clicking the “Download Zip” button no longer results in a 500 error.
  • Two-step organisational policy now properly redirects to the web portal when configuration is required.
  • Web cache controls are now active in Edge and Firefox to further protect against expired web sessions.
  • The Machines Tab in the web portal now properly consolidates multiple user profiles on OS X El Capitan.
  • Deactivating nested FSE mappings no longer causes a sync loop.
  • The desktop client property window’s “X” button will now properly close the dialog box.
  • Folder deletions are now properly entered in the event table.
  • Sync down process no longer triggers unnecessary logging of ‘file added’ events.
  • Unlock-specific error message now properly displays when accessing files or folders through the API.
  • Windows desktop client overlays no longer cause Explorer to crash in Windows 7 or 8 environments.

We hope that you dig this release as much as we do. As always, if you encounter any problems after this update, please clear your browser cache or log out and log back in. If you experience issues with a desktop client, close the program, and then re-start it.

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