Vault — Release Notes

Web App version 2.6.0. Agent and Outlook Plugin version:, Beta versions

This release includes some enhancements and bug fixes.

Enhancements and bug fixes

  • We’ve included a new ‘Shares’ button in the Guests tab of the web portal, which allows company admins to view all shares accessible by guests
  • We’ve improved the Beta desktop client’s user interface, so it’s even more beautiful
  • The Beta desktop clients will also now receive automatic updates
  • A confirmation dialog box now appears when deleting a guest account, so you’ll no longer be fearful of deleting the wrong guest
  • Folders that have been moved (via drag and drop) no longer duplicate in their original location
  • Guest users that were previously unable to access folders that had been shared with them, can now do that
  • Folders that are created or renamed to included ‘Ä’ and ‘Ö’ will no longer cause errors to appear

As always, if you encounter any problems after this update, please clear your browser cache or log out and log back in. If you experience issues with a desktop client, close the program, and then re-start it.

Happy Nimboxing!

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