Vault 2.6 — Release Notes

Web App version 2.6.0. Agent and Outlook Plugin version:, Beta versions 2.6.0

It’s release day, and it’s a big one! This release includes awesome new features, and a ton of enhancements to existing ones.

New features

  • Online editing is here!
    We’ve been hard at work testing this awesome new tool with select users, but it’s now here for anybody that wants it! Right now, you’ll have to request access, but soon we’ll be adding it to our new Premium plan.
  • New desktop client!
    We’re launching our new desktop client (for Windows and Mac) into public beta. It’s an optional upgrade (until its out of beta), and is now available to download via the web app. The new client includes file lock warnings when opening a locked file, action centre, and multiple language support. We’re super happy with it, but we know it may need some tweaks, so don’t hold back on that feedback 🙂
  • Backup retention policies
    You can now configure custom backup retention policies, so you can clear out old versions of files and grab some of your storage space back.
  • Downloadable activity logs
    Activity logs can now be exported to a CSV file.
  • Disable a customer (reseller feature)
    This feature allows administrators to deactivate an organisation without actually deleting it.
  • New share page option
    We’ve included a new Delete button in the Share Access dialog box, so you can quickly remove a newly created share link.

Enhancements and bug fixes

  • Our API has two new endpoints: retrieving Machines assigned to a Person, and retrieving Persons associated with a Machine.
  • The desktop client’s file icon overlays are now visible in third-party Open and Save dialogs.
  • Non-recurring audit reports can now be exported to PDF, Excel, or CSV sheets.
  • A new ‘Edit in Browser’ button is now available when previewing supported files.
  • Drag and drop visual effects have been improved when moving files within the web app.
  • We now send bandwidth throttling schedules to desktop clients, so you don’t have to configure each machine separately.
  • The Activity Log now records account moves, so if a user moves from one organisation to another, it’s tracked.
  • Your Excluded Extensions policy now governs all apps, including mobiles.
  • Syncing performance has been massively improved during the initial sync of large folders.
  • The Selective Sync folder tree now loads as expected when first syncing large folders.
  • Deleted files won’t magically re-appear on some Mac installs.
  • CPU usage has stopped spiking when starting the app on macOS.
  • macOS apps no longer crash unexpectedly in certain edge cases.
  • Files with tilde in their name are no longer repeatedly created/deleted through the desktop client in certain edge cases.
  • Collisions have stopped being generated after renaming folders.
  • File reports run on large Team Shares no longer give web errors.
  • The folder tree now loads as expected when moving files within a shared folder.
  • WebDAV connectivity can now only be turned on for accounts by administrators.
  • Reports are no longer showing ‘Not Available’ in the ‘Space Usage Field’.
  • The AutoTask plugin’s drop-down menu now loads properly in edge cases.

As always, if you encounter any problems after this update, please clear your browser cache or log out and log back in. If you experience issues with a desktop client, close the program, and then re-start it.

Happy Nimboxing!

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