Hey Nimboxers, we have killed ransomware in your organisation

As you’d probably guess, we’ve seen our fair share of ransomware attacks at our current, and soon-to-be, Nimbox customers. If you’re not familiar with ransomware, imagine this: all of your business files become permanently inaccessible, unless you pay a large cash ransom to anonymous criminals.

We say no more. No more fear, and no more having to pay large ransoms.

Just in time for Christmas, we’re delivering a gift: Snapshots.

Our customers are a huge part of our family—and like any family, we hate to see its members hurting. That’s why my heart sinks when a customer tells me that like so many businesses before them, they too have succumbed to a ransomware attack.

Speaking with a mixture of anger and sorrow, they explain how the attack breached their defences, and listen intently as I explain the painfully long process of recovery—which, according to the government’s 2016 Cyber Security Breaches Survey, will take 56% of companies between two days and one week.

That’s one whole week, with nothing productive happening, waiting to be operational again.

Saying hello to Snapshots

For the past six months, selected partners and users have been testing our new Snapshots feature, which enables one-click recovery of business data, right up to the minute before ransomware took hold.

You can now recover data stored in Team Shares or personal folders, as it existed before an attack. Snapshots will recover content that was previously deleted, recreated, or changed, and maintains the full revision history and audit trial of restored files.

Plus, they’re really easy to work with, because Snapshots are enabled for everybody, all of the time. You can read the technical details on our Knowledge Base.

The best part of this feature: it’s free, forever. You don’t pay a single penny. Merry Christmas 🙂

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