We’re changing the way that we do support. Here’s why..

Ever since we founded Nimbox, way back in 2012, our team has dealt with thousands of support tickets. We’ve helped customers with feature walkthroughs, dealt with bugs, talked about new product requests, answered compliance questions, and overcome regulatory issues. We have picked up phone calls, Tweets, emails, and Facebook posts. Emma even answered a letter.

So what is changing?

From today, we’re moving all of our support channels to email ticketing, with phone support reserved for our Vault Enterprise users. We’re aiming to answer all email tickets within a couple of hours during the working day, and within a day at the weekend. As you’ll have seen in our support statistics, we’re currently working to an impressive 1.5 hour average response time, with most tickets answered within 1 hour.

Our new service desk

Until now, we’ve used Zendesk to document and track these support requests. As of today, we’re moving our email support to Groove, as well as implementing a new service level.

Why do this? Well, Zendesk never really fit our needs. It was the best choice when we needed a ticketing system, but it proved to be overkill when integrated with our simple product offering, and small support team. We found that customers struggled to easily create a support request, and our engineers struggled to fight through excess information and features to get to what they needed to know.

I’m not saying that Zendesk isn’t great, because it is; it’s just not great for us.

Groove is simple–it will let you raise a support request by email, without having to create a login etc., or directly from our homepage (you can just go ahead and search for an answer, and read it right there on the page):


From today, you can access support by emailing support@nimbox.co.uk.

You can also access our knowledge base just like you used to.

We’re really excited about working with Groove to bring you the best support possible. So, ask your questions, raise your tickets, and let us know how you find it!

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