Multi-location back up as standard.

Full data backup, never lose another file again.

Get the right back up.

Nimbox hosts your data through resilient infrastructure across two data centres. Our platform, powered by VMware technologies utilises automatic replication and failover. We backup all platform assets, including our network storage nodes, with fourteen daily retention points, plus ten weekly backup points.

Tier 3+ Data Centres

Hosted in Tier 3+, ISO27001:2013 certified data centres, which have 24x7x365 on-site security, zonal swipe card entry, CCTV systems, perimeter fencing with controlled access, fire suppression systems, in-rack early warning temperature sensors and fire detection in all rooms, ceilings and below raised floors, N+1 UPS, and N+1 generators with a minimum 48 hours of fuel.

Monitoring and vulnerability scanning

Our platform is monitored 24x7x365 from our system centre, and by Pingdom AB. Platform monitoring for availability, reliability, and speed. A comprehensive external security testing programme is run each week to ensure that our service is secure from known exploits, new vulnerabilities, and targeted attacks.

Backup any folder

IT administrators and end users have a simple tool to create backups of individual folders, entire computers, servers, or mobile devices. From the desktop context menu, you can easily backup a folder, or a whole machine. Backups are stored indefinitely, and provide a simple way to restore individual files, or entire directories, with minimal downtime.

Network architecture

Nimbox owns, controls and when necessary, custom-builds systems. We operate multi-zone environments to maximise uptime, redundancy, and to provide the fastest response time to customers. Our network architecture is designed to reduce single points of failure and reviewed continually for best practice and compliance. By using this approach to platform architecture, we can provide customers with the fastest and safest cloud environment.

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Nimbox keeps your business files up to date and easily accessible, through our online portal, desktop agent, and mobile Apps. Work on your files, anywhere, anytime.

Nimbox is built around zero-knowledge privacy, meaning that we never have access to your files. We can’t compromise something that we can’t see.

Quickly recover from ransomware attacks, using our snapshot feature. Administrators can restore organisation data as it existed at a specific point in time.

View tamper-proof audit logs that detail exactly who has touched, changed, viewed, and downloaded a file or folder.

Already invested in your IT? You can go hybrid with Nimbox to get the best of both worlds. 

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