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Introducing our new status page

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We like to think that we’re pretty transparent at Nimbox. We believe that it’s important for our customers have accurate, easily-accessible data in order to make informed decisions. Transparency is especially important in an industry that largely hides behind vague service level agreements, and increasingly pathetic recoverable damages clauses. Over the past few months, we have been […]

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Ethical hacking and a critical vulnerability

Payload Positions

This blog post covers a (now fixed) critical security vulnerability on the Nimbox platform, that was reported to us recently by a researcher. Setting the scene It goes without saying that we take immense pride in the security of our applications. But, nobody is infallible—mistakes can and do happen. Because of this, we launched our […]

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There is a battle for the net, and this is why we support it

Battle For The Internet

This very moment our friends at EFF, Mozilla Foundation, AVG, Netflix, Tumblr, ACLU and thousands of other people and businesses around the world are fighting a historic struggle to ensure that net neutrality is preserved for generations to come. What is net neutrality, and why should you care? Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service […]

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The case of the high disk activity

Blog written by Ben Lavender, a Technical Engineer at Nimbox. Whenever I get stuck for ideas on where to begin with a technical issue, I tend to remember Mark Russinovich quoting David Solomon in one of his Sysinternals TECHED sessions; “when in doubt, run Process Monitor!” Pro Tip: I suggest watching some of the sessions as […]

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Vault 2.0 – Getting there

The long awaited 2.0 file and folder locking release is nearing launch and we want to thank everyone for their patience during the past months as the feature was developed. We are now wrapping up the last of our testing and aim to release it starting Monday 30th June 2014 Why did development take so […]

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Urgent Security Notice

What is it? On 7 April 2014 a major security vulnerability, known as “Heartbleed”, was publicly disclosed. It affects the technology that powers encryption for a majority of internet services (about two-thirds). Although Nimbox employs this technology, the newer versions we use are unaffected. We have no evidence of any breach and, like most service […]

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