Collaboration, with piece of mind

Work on documents with your team, from anywhere in the world.


Create projects and manage your team access

Create a project to share, add your team mates and set their roles.

Add a fellow journalist on the project Create a guest account for your photographer Upload your draft article to the Vault for review.



Sync your files to any device

Sync and share with colleagues, get push notifications when your team view or make changes to your files.

Get notified when your team mate downloads or amends a file you own.


icon-pushnotification icon-security icon-users

Create guest accounts for third parties and set their permissions

Not everyone should have access to everything. With unlimited guest accounts your suppliers and third party users have their own dedicated space for files with limited access.

Your photographer can login and upload files for your article without access to your other files.


icon-pushnotification icon-security icon-tracking

Global file locking so your files are always current

You’ll always know who’s working on what file, with global file locking your work will never be overwritten by someone else working on the same document.

Get notified when your team mate is working on a file you’re trying to open.


icon-security  icon-tracking icon-backup

Unlimited version history. Never lose a backup again

Never worry about a system crash or a colleague deleting that ever important reference again. Roll back to previous versions whenever you want.

Team mate deleted some of your copy while uploading images? Don’t worry, just roll back to your previous version.


icon-security icon-pushnotification icon-securedownload

Get your files to the people that need them, securely

Rest easy with password protected download links, securely send and sync any files and set your security level.

Deliver the final article to your Editor via secure share download link.

You’re in great company