What does GDPR compliant cloud storage actually mean?

Are you confused about GDPR and Cloud Storage? Learn how to improve your GDPR compliance with Nimbox.

GDPR ready?

The part of GDPR that Nimbox focuses on is encryption. In detail, GDPR recommends that you encrypt your data. Nimbox goes a step further with zero-knowledge protection (learn more about zero-knowledge encryption here).

Why UK Privacy?

Do you know the location of where your data is stored? Before cloud computing, all business data resided in the companies country. Organisations knew where their data was stored because they could walk to it in the office. With the cloud, your data could be stored anywhere. Being responsible for your data and taking action in uncertain times is key for future-proofing your business.

Q. Who has access to your data?

A. Ensuring only the right people have access to the correct data is a security challenge that many organisations face. The Nimbox platform allows freedom of collaboration while reducing the risk of a data breach. It does this through enforcing security policies such as; zero-knowledge protection, auto password renewal, encrypted external shares and two-factor authentication to enhance the security of your organisation’s data management.

Q. How secure are your email transactions?

A. Sending emails is part of the day to day for your organisation, but could your emails be easily intercepted? Nimbox enables your organisation to send sensitive information securely through the portal or via Microsoft outlook for an efficient workflow and security.

Q. How vital is centralised encryption for your organisation?

A. As advised by GDPR, encryption is a vital part of remaining compliant, but how do you do this efficiently? Anything stored in Nimbox automatically gets encrypted with zero-knowledge protection.


Q. What about Brexit?

A. Your data is your responsibility, GDPR mandates privacy by default, meaning you should have tools that govern access of your information internally and externally including the life cycle from creation to destruction — taking actions that benefit your organisation regardless of what happens after Brexit is critical.

It's how we encrypt your data.

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