In Vault, you may create ‘alerts’ that inform you when pre-assigned events are triggered by the system, or by users. Alerts can be delivered by email, SMS, or to a PSA system.

You can chose to be notified about events such as when a user (or an organisation) as reached a certain percentage of its storage quota, when a user is created, or when a user subscribes to a Team Share.

Alerts are easy to create:

In your organisation dashboard, click the Activity tab and go across to the Alerts tab.

In the Activity page, click the ‘+’ button to create an alert. The Alert Settings page displays.

In the Notify field, enter the user name, or email address, of the person that you would like to receive the alert. There is no limit on the number of people or email addresses that you can add to an alert.

In the When drop-down menu, select the event that will trigger the alert, such as ‘added account

In the For drop-down menus, select the entity (user and organisation) that will trigger the alert. This field depends on the settings that you have chosen in the When field.

In the Via field, choose how you would like the alert delivering. You may choose any combination of these, but text messages will only be sent to users that have a mobile phone number configured.

Click the Save button when you’re finished.