Vault allows you to backup as many desktops or servers as you like, in near real time, at no extra cost. Backed-up files are stored securely on the Nimbox platform, and can be retrieved or restored from the Web Portal at any time.

To learn how to create and restore backups, use these links:

How backups work

The file backup feature in Nimbox is similar to your Vault sync folder. When data is added, deleted or modified in a backed-up folder, the backup sync will run.

If data is being used when a backup runs, it will be detected by a ‘safety scan’ that runs every sixty minutes, which will sync any remaining items.

Types of files that we can backup

Nimbox does not restrict the types or sizes of files that you can backup, however, Vault cannot currently backup live (in use) database files—you may read more about this here.


Vault de-duplicates, compresses, and encrypts your files before they are uploaded, meaning that 100GB of raw data will only use roughly 70GB of your Nimbox storage quota. 


Every time you modify a file that is configured to backup, Vault creates a new version of that file, rather than overwriting your existing file. This means that each file has a complete change history, and you may restore the current or previous versions.