Nimbox allows you to create an unlimited number of Guest users, at no extra cost.

Guests are dedicated accounts for people outside of your organisation, who you want to securely share and collaborate with.

All Nimbox users have the ability to create a guest account and give it access to files and folders unless that organisation’s policy disables the feature. When a guest is granted access to an entire folder, they can upload, modify, and delete content within it, depending on the chosen security settings.

Guests are either manually or automatically created. When a file or folder is shared with somebody outside of your organisation, a Guest account is created using their email address.

Guest accounts can:

  • Access a shared file or folder through the web portal
  • Manage their account information and change their password

Guest accounts cannot:

  • Login to the desktop agent, WebDAV, or mobile apps
  • Subscribe to Team Shares (however they can access folders within a Team Share)