A Desktop Client can be installed in unattended mode (silently) by executing the installation executable via the command-line, with the following arguments: 


Display the list of valid options


Display product information


Unattended Mode UI
Default: none
Allowed: none, minimal, minimalwithdialogs


Display the list of valid options


Display product information


Unattended Mode UI
Default: none
Allowed: none minimal minimalWithDialogs


Installation mode
Default: win32
Allowed: win32 unattended


Language selection
Default: en
Allowed: en ar bg ca da nl et fr fi de el es es_AR he hr hu it ja ko pl pt_BR pt ro ru no sl sk sq sv tr zh_TW zh_CN va cy cs


Creates Desktop shortcut with value of 1. Allowed: 0, 1. Default: 1


Host: do not include http or https protocol; do not include port number, if applicable


Server Port
Default: 443


Server Web Port
Default: 80


The following example will install the agent silently without registering it.

Application path: c:\Download\NimboxVault-2.x.x.x.exe

CMD LINE: c:\Downloads>>> NimboxVault-2.x.x.x.exe –unattendedmodeui none –mode unattended –host 


After installation, the agent can then be registered to a user silently by executing the installation executable via the command-line with the following arguments: 


produce help message


config file


Action to perform (required)








Local user




After you’ve installed the agent, use the agent_cmdui.exe executable in the installation directory’s BIN folder in order to register it silently. The following example will silently register the agent to the user/server that you specify.

Application path: c:\Program Files (x86)\Nimbox Vault

CMD Line: c:\Program Files (x86)\Nimbox Vault>>> bin\agent_cmdui.exe –config “c:\Program Files (x86)\Nimbox Vault\conf\config.ini” –action register –user EMAIL –password PASSWORD –path c:\Users\User Name\Nimbox Vault

NOTE: Make sure that you execute agent_cmdui.exe from it’s parent folder (e.g. c:\Program Files (x86)\Nimbox Vault) as noted in the example above.

After silently registering your user, you may notice that the application UI still indicates that registration is not complete. The following command will update the application: c:\Program Files (x86)\Nimbox Vault\bin>>> agent_gui.exe –message check_registration