Supported operating systems

The platforms listed below have been tested for support. Other compatibilities may exist, but are not officially supported.

Desktop Client

Platform Edition Support Comments
Windows 10 Yes  
Windows 8.1 Yes  
Windows 8 No Upgrade to 8.1
Windows 7 Yes  
Windows Vista and below No  
Windows Server 2016 Yes  
Windows Server 2012 (+R2) Yes  
Windows Server 2008 (+R2) Yes May require a restart
Windows Server 2003 (+R2) Yes Support ends mid 2018
macOS Sierra 10.12 Yes  
macOS El Capitan 10.11 Yes  
macOS Yosemite 10.10 and below No  
Linux Any No  

Mobile App

Platform Version Support Comments
iOS 9.3+ Yes  
Android 6.0+ Yes  
Windows Phone 10.0.1+ Yes Support ends late 2017
Silent OS 3.0+ Yes  

Outlook Plugin

The Outlook Plugin is only supported on Windows operating systems. Until recently, Outlook for Mac did not allow for the installation of add-ins.

Platform Edition Support Comments
Windows Office 2016 Yes  
Windows Office 2013 Yes  
Windows Office 2010 Yes Issues in Outlook 2010 SP2
Windows Office 2007 and below No  
macOS Office 2016 No  
macOS Office 2011 and below No  

Web Browser App

Platform Browser Support Comments
Windows Edge 38+ Yes  
Windows Internet Explorer 10+ Yes  
Windows Chrome 54+ Yes  
Windows Firefox 50+ Yes  
macOS Safari 10+ Yes  
macOS Chrome 54+ Yes  
macOS Firefox 50+ Yes