Tracking collision and collision resolution events

Important agent events—including collisions, collision resolutions, and service starts—are visible within the Windows Event Viewer and the OS X Console utilities, allowing you to proactively track activity and address issues that directly affect users.

Within the Windows Event Viewer, the following events can be found in the Application section, and are categorised at the Information level. The Source of these events is listed as ‘Nimbox Vault’

Registration events

Event Type Description Event ID 
Desktop Client Registered A new desktop client has registered with the Nimbox platform, either from the client UI, or using a script. 1024
Desktop Client De-Registered The desktop client has been de-registered from the Nimbox platform. 1025
User [Name] Registered The named user has successfully registered with the Nimbox platform, either from the desktop client UI, or using a script. 1026
User [ID] De-Registered The identified user has successfully de-registered from the Nimbox platform (unlinked the desktop client), either from the client UI, an automated script, or from the web app. 1027
All Local Users De-Registered All local users have been successfully de-registered from the Nimbox platform during the client uninstall process. This message is useful when one desktop client is uninstalled on a multi-profile machine. 1028 
User Registration Failed: [message] An error occurred while attempting to register with the the Nimbox platform, either through the desktop client UI, or using an automated script. The message will indicate a possible cause, such as a connection failure. 1029

Syncing events

Event Type Description Event ID 
Syncing Paused File syncing has been paused, using the desktop client UI. 1280 
Syncing Resumed File syncing has resumed, using the desktop client UI. 1281
Sync Error [rsub_id]:[message] A file syncing or backup error occurred for the named root ID. The message indicates the possible cause of failure–for example: batch add failure, DB not found, revision not current, etc. 1282
Sync Successful [rsub_id] A successful file syncing or backup event occurred for the named root ID. 1283 

Service events

Event Type Description Event ID 
Service Start The desktop client service is starting. 512 

File collision events

Event Type Description Event ID 
Collision Created A collision has been logged. 768
Collision Resolution A collision has been resolved. 769
Collision Failed A collision was logged, but the conflicting content disappeared while attempting to resolve. Please contact support.  770
Collision Message A message has been generated related to a collision event.  771

Viewing Events in RMM Tools

Optionally, you can utilise Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools to proactively monitor these events. For example, you could generate alerts and create reports to optimize solutions for end users.