Get the best of both worlds in the cloud.

Utilise your existing IT with Nimbox for a hybrid solution.

Got IT? Go Hybrid.

We know that teams value mobility in the workplace, and we also know that tracking files across an organisation can put an unreasonable burden on IT. With a hybrid cloud, you can take advantage of Nimbox’s collaboration and sharing features, while storing your data on existing file servers.

Consolidate your current file server

By using our File Server Enablement (FSE) feature, you can construct a consolidated repository of your organisation’s data, by creating a hybrid cloud of your current file servers.

No more mapped drives

This feature replaces the need for mapped drives (network drives), so that end users no longer need to be on-site or require the use of a VPN connection to access files and folders. With File Server Enablement, you can maintain an existing file structure while providing remote access to its contents. As an added benefit, FSE can provide a file-level backup of your file server.

Cloud Enable any folder

FSE allows you to ‘cloud-enable’ any folder on a server, and map it to a Team Share or a user account—so that end users can access, read, and update content through the web or their mobile device.

Specify local storage locations

You can specify local storage locations, such as a server’s C drive, a network share, or a network accessible storage device as the data source for our File Server Enablement feature, meaning that you really can create a hybrid cloud environment from any existing servers or storage devices on your network.

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Nimbox keeps your business files up to date and easily accessible, through our online portal, desktop agent, and mobile Apps. Work on your files, anywhere, anytime.

Nimbox is built around zero-knowledge privacy, meaning that we never have access to your files. We can’t compromise something that we can’t see.

Quickly recover from ransomware attacks, using our snapshot feature. Administrators can restore organisation data as it existed at a specific point in time.

View tamper-proof audit logs that detail exactly who has touched, changed, viewed, and downloaded a file or folder.

Nimbox is hosted over two data centres. Our platform is powered by VMware, and utilises automatic replication and fail-over.

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