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Legal requests

Nimbox’s founders have over 40 years of data hosting and information security experience. We have learned a lot over this time. We are transparent about what we can and cannot protect. We think it’s important that our customers know how Nimbox responds to government demands for user data. It’s important for law enforcement organisations to know this, too.

We are a law-abiding company, and as such we comply with legal requests that are in the letter and spirit of the law, in the jurisdictions where we must. Presently, this would be those authorised by the Courts of England and Wales.

We have designed our services to hold a minimal amount of information, such that any legal disclosure we must make reveals only a small amount of personal information, as set out in our Privacy Statement. We do not hold the encryption keys to your data, and are unable to decrypt your files under any circumstances. Against this backdrop, we must and will comply with binding legal requests for data.

Before we release any information to law enforcement or other agencies, we, and our council, will evaluate the request to ensure it complies with the letter and spirit of the law. Like our fellow privacy-first companies, and when possible, we will notify affected users to give you a chance to object to the disclosure.

Submitting a request

If you are a law enforcement or other agency, and wish to serve a warrant or other legal request for user data, you may write to us at:

Disclosure Team,
The Waterscape,