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We need only a couple of details to get your Nimbox reseller account up and running (please make sure you use a secure password as this is a requirement below). After completing the form, please head over to our getting started page to learn more about the setup of Nimbox.

Unrivalled Margins

When you resell Nimbox you’ll benefit from impressive margins that you won’t be able to get from anyone else. 

Complete Client Ownership

Unlike other providers we give you the tools to have full control over your clients so that you can manage them from one place.

UK Support

If you need us then we’re here to help from a UK support office that’s available during core business hours.

Custom Branding

Want to make Nimbox yours? We offer custom branding so that your clients recognise who you are every time they log in to Nimbox

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Why Nimbox?

People value their privacy, they want to retain control over their data, but they also prefer the ease of the cloud. We offer the best of both worlds. With Nimbox you can give your clients the satisfaction that they deserve, without sacrificing the security of their data.

Why UK Privacy?

Do you know the location of where your data is stored?

  • Before cloud computing, all business data resided in the companies country.
  • Organisations knew where their data was stored because they could walk to it in the office.
  • With the cloud, your data could be stored anywhere.
  • Being responsible for your data and taking action in uncertain times is key for future-proofing your business.

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