Resell team collaboration tools

Nimbox provides secure file editing, sharing, cloud storage, and device backup.

Our Products


Vault Standard – A set of powerful collaboration tools
Perfect for smaller teams, with company folders, unlimited file history, secure content sharing tools, desktop and server backup, and free guest users.



Vault Premium – Everything from standard, plus additional enterprise tools
Perfect for larger teams, with real-time collaborative document editing, custom branding, remote file server access, and enhanced policy controls.



File Server Enablement – Create a hybrid cloud environment for your customer
Take advantage of Vault’s secure collaboration and sharing features, whilst storing your customer’s data on existing file servers, with our hybrid cloud tool.


Our Resellers

We know that everybody wants simplicity. That is why our resellers enjoy clear pricing structures, free pre-sales collateral and trial accounts, plus unlimited technical support. And unlike other companies, our stance on your customers is simple: they’re yours.

As a reseller, you’ll qualify for an impressive margin. You’ll also have access to Nimbox technical staff, so that you can really impress in client meetings.

Why Nimbox?

People value their privacy, they want to retain control over their data, but they also want the convenience of the cloud. We offer the best of both worlds. With Nimbox you can give your customers the convenience that they crave, without sacrificing the security of their data.

Next steps

Becoming a Nimbox reseller isn’t complicated—it all starts with a chat. Email us today for a confidential chat about your business, and what we can do together.