Identify & track every change.

Get essential up-to-the-minute information on your data blueprint.

Be in the know.

Nimbox is purpose-built for business cloud storage because of the way it manages your data. Get a 360-degree view of who had access, when they had access and what they did with the file. Full reporting that gives you essential information for compliance, industry regulation and auditing purposes.

Nimbox was built to ensure only you have access to your data because only you alone have the key to access it. This significantly reduces the risk to you as a business and the chance of a data breach from happening.

Stress-free reporting

Nimbox tracks files from creation through to destruction. In your dashboard, you can view tamperproof audit logs that detail who has touched, changed, observed, and downloaded a file or folder. These audit logs are time-stamped and exported in many standard formats.

Take out the guesswork

Configure alerts to be sent by email, text message, or via your dashboard, which inform IT staff, compliance officers, and team leaders about pre-determined events in your cloud. Alerts can report, in real time, on user activity, guest access, end-point and backup status, and many more.

Q. Who did what and when did they do it?

A. Get quick answers to questions like who added a guest account? Who modified a security policy? Moreover, who removed a backup? View a real-time list of events and export to CSV for regulatory audits.

An activity log of GDPR compliant cloud storage tools

Q. Is my file server responding?

A. Receive real-time alerts via email and text message for important events that you need to know about such as when your file server is unreachable or when you have reached 90% of your storage quota.

Q. Which devices have access to my data?

A. Has one of your devices been stolen, or perhaps an employee has left the organisation? Unlink any compromised or inactive devices from your Nimbox to remove locally synced files.

Demo of machines active GDPR compliant cloud storage

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Nimbox keeps your business files up to date and easily accessible, through our online portal, desktop agent, and mobile Apps. Work on your files, anywhere, anytime.

Nimbox is built around zero-knowledge privacy, meaning that we never have access to your files. We can’t compromise something that we can’t see.

Quickly recover from ransomware attacks, using our snapshot feature. Administrators can restore organisation data as it existed at a specific point in time.

Nimbox is hosted over two data centres. Our platform is powered by VMware, and utilises automatic replication and fail-over.

Already invested in your IT? You can go hybrid with Nimbox to get the best of both worlds. 

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