Nimbox is the most secure online file storage for UK businesses

Learn why Nimbox is the most secure online file storage for UK businesses.

Security Benefits

Secure, compliant data collaboration. Peace of mind when you need it the most.

Keeping data secure inside your organisation goes without saying, it’s an essential pre-requisite to running an organisation, but what about when your data goes outside of your organisation? Confidence in external sharing is what Nimbox provides, leaving you more time to get the work done rather than time wasted making sure the data has not fallen into the wrong hands. With Nimbox, you’re in control over who has access to your data thanks to Nimbox’s resilient Zero-Knowledge encryption methods.

Since 25th May 2018, GDPR has changed how we see online security resulting in organisations following its requirements. In regards to data security, Nimbox has been one step ahead of the GDPR since day one. In short, encryption is an essential part of the GDPR for all organisations looking to secure and share data.

By default, your data cannot be seen by anyone at Nimbox or through any third-party, which means in the unlikely event of a cyber-attack the integrity of your data would remain intact in the UK. There are no backdoors to your data with Nimbox.

Suffering from a ransomware attack isn’t something that any organisation would like to face which is why at Nimbox we’ve ensured that from account creation you’re covered by unlimited file versioning and server snapshots. In the event of a ransomware attack, you will have the capabilities to roll back to any point in time so that you can recover all your files like they were before, and unlike many of our competitors we enable you to do this at root folder level saving you a considerable amount of time during the recovery phase.

Success Story

Clear Paraplanning

" Nimbox is a no-nonsense secure way for me to back up my files and share files with remote colleagues."
Michael Malkiewicz
Director - Clear Paraplanning

Clear Paraplanning was formed to provide financial advisers and planners with a service to assist them in delivering their proposition. The core business is to provide clear financial planning and suitability reports in the adviser’s existing “house” style.

How Nimbox helped
Clear Paraplanning was searching for a backup and storage solution that was easy to operate in order to encourage business efficiency. As employees are based remotely, a solution for securely sharing data whilst improving collaboration was a priority.
Being able to work on documents in the office or on the go was also a main driver to use Nimbox as well as ensuring the data was only stored in the UK in-line with GDPR.

The benefits
Clear Paraplanning don’t have to worry about the security of its data because it’s all managed for them with Nimbox. Automatically backing up important files, ensuring the data is secure and available are just a few of the reasons why Nimbox is Clear Paraplanning’s go-to cloud storage solution.

Time Saving Benefits

Time saved is an investment well spent, focus more hours on growing your business.

Create dedicated folders for teams to collaborate on documents, both inside and outside of your organisation. Collaborate on documents as a team, in real-time, using our online editing tool. Share with free, password-protected guest accounts, set download limits, and create file activity alerts. You choose when and how accounts can access files. You can also prevent sharing entirely, with resilient policies that span your teams, protecting your content from breach or accidental disclosure.

Nimbox gives you a simple way to access organisation files, via a ‘sync folder’ located on your desktop, mobile device, or web portal. From this folder, you can access, edit, and collaborate on documents stored on the Nimbox platform, or your file server, by using our File Server Enablement feature. Nimbox integrates seamlessly with desktop and web-based Microsoft Office applications, as a default ‘save’ location, allowing your organisation to store its documents securely when using Office 365. Select which files appear on desktop computers, and choose when to limit network usage with custom throttling settings, perfect for remote workers and in offices with limited bandwidth.

Using our document collaboration tool (available in Premium plans), you can edit existing documents, or create new ones, within the web app, without needing a separate desktop application or browser plugin. Office documents can be modified simultaneously by multiple people, who can see every edit in real time. The editor is familiar in layout and functionality to popular desktop applications, so very little user training is required.

Never lose changes again. Each file, folder, and the account has a full version history, and revisions restored at the click of a button letting your team focus on what’s important, without worrying about overwriting important drafts or edits that colleagues make.

Success Story


"The small additional cost of Nimbox over Dropbox is worth every penny for the peace of mind that a professional UK company offers."
Alexander May - Blade Law
Partner Solicitor Advocate

Clear Paraplanning was formed to provide financial advisers and planners with a service to assist them in delivering their proposition. The core business is to provide clear financial planning and suitability reports in the adviser’s existing “house” style.

How Nimbox helped
BladeLaw required a secure cloud storage solution, allowing employees access to its data backups. Nimbox enabled BladeLaw to share sensitive data efficiently with its clients from any location through a secured device. Nimbox had to be compliant with the Solicitors Regulation Authority, especially with storing data on UK-based servers of which Nimbox complies with.

The benefits

BladeLaw is now able to back up its files using Nimbox’s secure UK-based servers. Following the easy implementation of Nimbox, the support team has been able to assist BladeLaw whenever they’ve needed assistance with its data security.

Cost Saving Benefits

Reduce your IT footprint while accurately forecasting IT spend.

The days of having to own multiple servers, spending £1000’s on maintenance are long gone. Nimbox reduces the total of your IT ownership. It does this by hosting your files on numerous UK data centres that are ISO 27001 standard. There’s no need to be concerned about costly server upgrades or ever-increasing electricity bills that come with owning your IT.

Understanding what you need to pay each month should come with no surprises. Unfortunately, if you manage your data storage on-site, then you’ll often have unplanned maintenance bills that will eat into your profit margins. Nimbox has no upfront costs. You only pay for what you use every month, and you won’t be trapped in any long-term contract either.

When purchasing a server for your organisation, you’ll have to over spec on your requirements due to the fixed storage limitations that come with the hardware. Nimbox is scalable to your data storage requirements which means you’ll only pay for what you use and you’ll be able to scale up and down by the gigabyte rather than paying for a new server.

Experiencing any form of downtime can cost your organisation £1000’s and cause you unnecessary frustration in the process. Reducing the risks of downtime is essential so that you can carry on “business as usual”. Nimbox uses tier-3, ISO 27001 accredited data centres in the UK. Just like you would store your money in a bank, your data is stored safely in a purpose-built data centre with Nimbox.

Enduring the repercussions of data loss can be catastrophic. The reliability that you promise your clients is vital for the continuation of your organisation so therefore what you do to minimise data loss is essential for avoiding a bad reputation and financial loss. Having peace of mind in the security and accessibility of your data is what Nimbox does best, leaving you to focus on what’s important, your business.