We can't compromise what we can't see.

If Nimbox can't see your data then nobody else can because only you have the key.

You're in control.

Through zero-knowledge protection, Nimbox renders your data entirely private for your organisation alone, reducing your risk of a data breach. Nimbox cuts one encryption key for your organisation which means you’re the sole owner of your data at all times.

Reduces data breaches.

Everyday data gets stolen costing organisations thousands of pounds in lost revenue. Being private with your data is key which is why only you should have access to your encryption key, this is zero-knowledge protection.

Essential for sensitive data.

Do you hold highly sensitive data? For some businesses, a data breach isn’t an option because if it did happen, it could mean you are out of business. Our clients trust us because of zero-knowledge protection as it’s essential for the continuation and growth of your organisation.

Improves credibility.

Give your clients peace of mind knowing that regardless of what happens to your business, their data is always private and secure, keeping the integrity intact.

Worry-free collaboration.

If you need to collaborate efficiently on a project, then the last thing you need to worry about is the security of your business operations. Sending attachments via email is a convenient way of sharing files, but is it secure? Nimbox’s secure guest portals enable you to collaborate in one place, never needing you to download files to edit, keeping your data safe and centralised.

Buy British for privacy.

One of the main challenges for organisations in the cloud is location. Cloud storage is a no-brainer for most businesses, but not every cloud is made equal. When it comes to storing sensitive data, you need the highest security and resilience available. Most cloud providers host your data outside of the UK which on the surface doesn’t seem an issue, but as you delve deeper into compliance and regulations, you’ll see why it’s essential to keep your data in the UK.

Nimbox is a UK cloud storage provider that has no backdoors. Download the infographic to learn why this is important for your organisation.

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Nimbox keeps your business files up to date and easily accessible, through our online portal, desktop agent, and mobile Apps. Work on your files, anywhere, anytime.

Quickly recover from ransomware attacks, using our snapshot feature. Administrators can restore organisation data as it existed at a specific point in time.

View tamper-proof audit logs that detail exactly who has touched, changed, viewed, and downloaded a file or folder.

Nimbox is hosted over two data centres. Our platform is powered by VMware, and utilises automatic replication and fail-over.

Already invested in your IT? You can go hybrid with Nimbox to get the best of both worlds. 

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