You can share files from your desktop, mobile, tablet, or using the web app. It’s an easy right-click task, and only takes a few seconds.

On your desktop

  • To share a file or folder on your desktop, head to your Nimbox Vault folder, and right-click on the item that you wish to share. Click Share Link:
  • A web page will now open, with this dialogue box:

    • Secure Share: will limit the share to authenticated users, whether they are a Full user or a Guest.
    • Public Share: will let any person on the Internet access the item, as long as they possess the URL.
    • Expiration Date: will cause the share to be removed on the set date.
    • Download Limit: will prevent the file or folder from being downloaded more than the specified number of times.
    • Notify on Download: will email you when the file or folder has been downloaded.
    • Recipients: is where you can specify the email address of the person you wish to share the item with. If you choose a Secure Share, and the person already has a Full or Guest account in your organisation, their name will appear in the list once you start typing the user’s name. If they do not currently have an account, a Guest account will be created for them. If you choose a Public Share, the recipient will simply receive an email, containing a link to the file. Once the email address has been entered, press the enter key and this will add the email address to the share. 
    • Notify: will inform either new or all, subscribers to the share, that another person has been added to it.
    • Message: if you include a message, it will be included with the email notification to the recipients.
    • Can Modify / Delete: will either allow or prevent, the recipients from being able to edit items that are shared with them.

On your mobile and tablet

  • Launch the app from your home screen.
  • Enter your passcode (if you’ve configured one).
  • Choose the file that you want to share, and swipe right.
  • A menu appears. Choose the type of share that you want to create, either E-mail link(public), or E-mail secure link (secure).
  • If you select E-mail link, your default e-mail client will launch, and we’ll insert a public share link into the email body. You can stop reading here 🙂
  • If you select E-mail secure link, you’ll be asked to enter the recipients’ e-mail addresses. You’ll need to press return after each address.
  • Once you have entered the recipients’ email addresses, tap Done.
  • Your file has now been shared.

On the web app

The web app works in the same way as the desktop app. From the My Files section of the web app, simply right-click on the item that you want to share, and follow the steps outlined in the ‘On your desktop‘ section, above.